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Herby treatment.


Tonic elaborated with a group of specific chosen plants that becomes in a dermic action product, totally natural.


  • It offers multiple benefits thanks to its concentrated formulation
  • Antidandruff. It reduces quickly the dandruff production acting deeply in the pore.
  • Antiallergic. It removes redness and itchiness on the scalp thanks to the extraordinary germicide and bactericide effect.
  • Hair tissue reinforcing. It acts intensively from the hair’s root, giving force to poor hairs that have tendency to suffer of split ends.
  • Protector action. For professional work in the process of any perm.

How to use

Four times a week, in the morning or at night, with dry or towel-dried hair, apply the tonic directly on the scalp with a gentle massage.

Hair Peeling

In order to obtain a complete cleaning of the scalp and improve the performance of the products that we apply, we must carry out a deep cleaning of the impurities of the scalp.

Once a week apply a peeling directly on the scalp.To carry out this process we will use these two products: Herby Treatment (ref. 3) + Dermocapillar Mask (ref 28/219).

Separate a bit of Dermocapillar Mask (1 or 2 spoonful) in a bowl and add a bit of Herby Treatment Tonic, mix well and apply it directly on the dry scalp (before washing). Leave it to act around 20 or 30 minutes as minimum and rinse by plenty of water, after that, wash.

  • 200 ml
  • 15 ml. Box 10 Blisters

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