Repair hair fiber
Repair hair fiber

Hair fiber repair shampoo.


Repairing shampoo cream composed of natural oils and B2, B5, E vitamins and antioxidants, that gives to the hair softness, volume, lightness and shine. Provides flexibility to the hair and makes styling easier. Reduced frizz thanks to the antistatic component. It contains lactic acid, it helps hydration of the skin, respecting its natural PH and relieving discomfort of the scalp. Soft emulsion minimally detergent. Indicated for all hair types, especially damaged, dry and dehydrated hair.


  • Repair hair fiber
  • Protects and restructures hair
  • Moisturizes the skin of the scalp
  • It provides an exceptional softness and shiness

How to use

Twice or three times a week. It is very important to apply at hair during 3 or 4 minutes.

  • 200 ml
  • 500 ml

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