12 Herbs Forte.


The well-known difficulty of treating the chronic seborrhea and grease dandruff by different causes and complicated geneses, are resolved with this vegetable lotion that, to its incredible results, adds an absolute compatibility with all kind of treatments, so it does not produce allergies of any class.


  • Total elimination grease – seborrhea
  • Total elimination grease dandruff
  • It cleans the scalp
  • Total oxygenation

How to use

All days, in the morning, after washing the head and towel-dried or dry hair, apply the tonic directly on the scalp with a gentle massage with the fingertips from the left to the right side making circles. 

Depending on the hair problem, the number of applications may vary.

Hair Peeling

To obtain a total cleaning of the scalp and improve the performance of the products that we apply, we must carry out a deep cleaning of the impurities of the scalp.

Once a week apply a peeling directly on the scalp. This process should be made by these two products: 12 Herbs Forte (Ref. 46B/70) + Dermocapillar Mask (ref 28/219).

Separate a bit of Dermocapillar Mask (1 or 2 spoonful) in a bowl and add a bit of 12 Herbs Forte, mix it well and apply it directly on the dry scalp (before washing). Leave it act around 20 or 30 minutes as minimum and rinse by plenty of water, after that, wash it..

  • 15 ml. Box 10 Blisters
  • 125 ml

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