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DNA + Pollen + Tricopeptides + 8 vitamins & Amino acids.


DNA: Genetic activator/life factor. It helps to maintain the total functionality of hair follicle, avoiding mistakes in the proteins formation.

VITAMINS: Vitamin complex formed by vitamins B2, B6, B12, H, A (retinols), E. Panthotenol and Inositol exert an important revitalizing action over hair follicle. 

AMINO ACIDS: The zinc amino acid acts as a natural inhibitor of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, this one is involved in the production of the DHT (Dehydrotestosterone). Similar both in men and in women. 

POLLEN: Natural product extremely rich in proteins. It tones up the metabolism of hair follicles. High nutritive power. It reduces seborrhoea production.

TRICOSACARIDS: Moisturizing factor. It balances the skin’s PH. 

TRICOPEPTIDES: It promotes to the development of the hair and slow down the appearing of the grease. 

THIOSILICONES: Syloxanes with disulphur linkage, that help to repair broken cystine bridges. This product acts both on the surface and beneath the surface of capillary stem.


  • It revitalizes action over hair follicle
  • It reduces seborrhoea production
  • High nutritive power
  • It promotes the development of the hair and slows down the appearance of seborrhoea

How to use

Apply to alternate days, in the morning or at night, with dry or towel-dried hair, apply the tonic directly on the scalp with a gentle massage.

Depending on the hair problem, the number of applications may vary.

In more serious cases, apply this treatment every day, during three months; after this time, leave the treatment during two weeks and repeat the process again.

  • 125 ml
  • Box of 10 blisters of 10 ml.

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