Triple action scalp's relaxing.


Specific preparation for conditioning hair after it has been washed. It has a triple effect: it gives hair its shine and silkiness. It repairs the capillary cuticle, which is the most damaged part of the hair, by means of easily absorbed tricopeptides (1%). It vitalizes the root of the hair because of its yeast extract of beer, vitamins from the group B, enzymes and other important tricogenic composites. It can be applied to all types of hairs. Specially indicated for dry and damaged hairs. 


  • Full moisturizing and texture
  • It provides shine and silkiness
  • It repairs the capillary cuticle
  • It vitalizes the root of the hair

How to use

Apply it all over the hair after washing, allow it to act for 5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. If dealing with badly damaged hair, wear a plastic cap, leave it on hair for 5 minutes while under a dryer.


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