Hair in phase of growth, pregnancy or lactation

There are specific periods in our life in which our hair requires a special protection.

This is the case with the pregnancy and lactation periods in women, as in the hair in formation during the first stage of life, including kids between 0 and 18 years old.

For that we recommend a specific shampoo dedicated exclusively to these periods where the skin and the scalp are more sensible and require more regeneration.

Treatment generally recommended


Younger Vitae Shampoo (Ref. 217)

In this page we offer you a generic orientation, but our recommendation is that you go to a professional salon to request more information or that you fill in the online capillary test

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Younger Vitae Shampoo

SHAMPOO FOR DELICATE SKINS. PREGNANCY, LACTATION AND 1st STAGE OF LIFE. Shampoo compound with all the properties that the hair needs: nutrients, regenerators and revitalizers, that the hair needs in the pregnancy, lactation and 1th stages of the life of the children between the 0 and 18 years. For all kinds of hair, aso for blond and sensitive hairs....
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