Capillary treatments

Signed by Simone G. develops and distributes products for capillary treatment, known for their high quality and spectacular results; a firm with a scientific vocation, focused on capillary repopulation, the eradication of the fall and the health of hair in general.

The synergy of the Signed By Simone G. products focuses on the reaction of the scalp nucleus, activating all its biological possibilities through this reaction, which is carried out from active principles and nutrients that have demonstrated their total efficacy in the treated cases.

Signed By Simone G. presents a wide range of products based in the most advanced Trichology to combat alopecia problems (both areata and diffuse), seborrhea (fat) and pityriasis (dry dandruff or greasy dandruff).

We have specific products for each type of scalp problems, as well as presenting a range of restructuring treatments for the maintenance of healthy, strong and shiny hair.

We combine specific shampoos that are destined to all types of hairs, from the first stages of growth. And these are complemented with anti-hair loss, anti-dandruff or anti-grease lotions, masks and vitamins, which nourish and purify from the root to the ends.

Signed By Simone G. was founded in 1989 as a legacy of the Wontersaf, S.A. company, where the creator of the firm, Mr. Gabriel Simón Cano, achieved important advances in the field of research about trichology towards reactive trichogenesis.

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