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Wontersil fresh cells.


Indicated for hair loss and alopecia whose origin are the cellular aging and cellullar malformation in the papilla and hair matrix, is in the case of androgenic alopecia or commonly hippocratic alopecia. It is a iminopeptide complex proceeding of embryonic tissue prepared as skills enzymatics and of molecular selection.


  • Prevention and hair recovery
  • Hair loss solution
  • It facilitates hair growth

How to use

Apply three times a week for 90 days, in the morning or at night, after washing the hair, towel-dried hair, apply the tonic directly on the scalp with a gentle massage. 

Treatment shock: Apply all days after washing the head, for 90 days.

Depending on the hair problem, the number of applications may vary.

  • 125 ml
  • 60 ml

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