Dry dandruff (Pitiriasis Simplex Capitis)

The appearance of the spots is white-ash, easily desquamated and that are adhered to the capillary stem, the scalp is brittle and satin.

The causes are several, but usually this desquamative process is associated to nervous problems, although the lack of vitamin A, inadequate shampoo, lack of water intake and wash the head with water warmer than 37º, also produces Piritiasis Simplex Capitis.

Main causes:

Nervous factors: stress, depression, anxiety.

Lack of vitamin A.

Dehydration, lack of water.

Sebaceous hyposecretion.

Baths with really warm water and the use of inadequate shampoos.

Treatment of the dry dandruff

Weekly peeling with dry hair

Wonter Intensive Gel (Ref. 100B). Apply it 2 time a week


Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (Ref. 19/43) alternating with Oxygen + DNA Shampoo (Ref. 214/221)


Herby Forte (Ref. 3/25). Apply it on alternate days

In this page we offer you a generic orientation, but our recommendation is that you go to a professional salon to request more information or that you fill in the online capillary test

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Oxygen + DNA Shampoo

ACTIVE STIMULANT SHAMPOO. DERMO CELLULAR OXYGENATOR. Anti hair loss teatment indicated for alopecias and hair loss of severe character, where there is an evident lack of oxygen in the bulbous cells. It provdes an injection of life to the hair since the root to de top. Benefits It eradicates hair loss It gives strength to the hair It conditions and...
Anti-dandruff Line

Anti-dandruff Shampoo

ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO. Shampoo cream indicated for any hair affected by Pitiriasis Simplex Capitis (dry dandruff) or Pitiriasis Esteatoide (grease dandruff). It provides the called rebound effect. Benefits It regulates the dandruff on the scalp Germicide action destroys microorganisms It provides volume and thickness Maximum silkness How to use...
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Anti-dandruff Line

Herby treatment

HERBS CAPILLARY TONIC. GERMICIDE AND BACTERICIDE. Tonic elaborated with a group of specific chosen plants that becomes in a dermic action product, totally natural. Benefits It offers multiple benefits thanks to its concentrated formulation Antidandruff. It reduces quickly the dandruff production acting deeply in the pore. Antiallergic. It removes...
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Anti-dandruff Line

Wonter intensive gel

INTENSIVE TREATMENT FOR DRY DANDRUFF. Treatment for external use recommended in desquamative processes such as Cosmetic Pitiriasis and Simplex Capitis Pitiriasis, which have been produced by nervous disorders, vitamin A deficiencies, unsuitable shampoo, lack of water intake or washing the hair with water warmer than 37º. Its high oxygenating, soothing...
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