Hair with alterations (Trichology)

We talk about alterations of the hair when we refer to suffocated, swollen hair, with open ends and with knots twisted in themselves.

This as a result of the use of inadequate shampoos and environmental external aggressions that are very damaging to our hair. To do this, it is advisable to use shampoos with a PH between 5.8 and 5.9, which condition, nourish and protect the hair.

Main causes:

Environmental factors: pollution.

Excessive use of dryers and hair irons.

Use the inadequate shampoo.

Treatment for the hair with alterations or trichology


Royal Jelly Shampoo (Ref. 35/215) combined with Hydra Texture Shampoo (Ref. 16/41)

Apply hair conditioner after the washing

Triple Action Scalp’s Relaxing (Ref. 130B)

Hair mask + lotion (1 time a week):h4>

Dermocapilar Mask (Ref. 28/219) + Keratin+ Ribonuclease Plus (Ref. 60B). Unify both of them and apply the hair mask during 20-30 minutes.

In this page we offer you a generic orientation, but our recommendation is that you go to a professional salon to request more information or that you fill in the online capillary test

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Anti-hair loss Line

Royal Jelly Shampoo

HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO. CAPILLARY TISSUE REGENERATOR. Shampoo compound with a nourishing, regenerative and vivifying properties that define the royal jelly, its main compound. Soft scarcely detergent emulsion. For all kind of hair. Benefits Regenerator action of the capillary tissue Anti hair loss action It provides silkiness to hair Softer hair and...
Protectors and Moisturizers

Hydra texture shampoo

TOTAL MOISTURIZING ACTION. Shampoo cream total moisturizing action and texture for dry and damaged hair. Soft emulsion shampoo with minimal detergents. Benefits It regenerates all the capillary tissue It provides volume and thikness Maximum silkness It nourishes in depth the capillary fiber How to use Three times a week. Apply on the scalp...
Protectors and Moisturizers

Triple action scalp's relaxing

CAPILLARY CONDITIONER WITH RELAXING EFFECT. Specific preparation for conditioning hair after it has been washed. It has a triple effect: it gives hair its shine and silkiness. It repairs the capillary cuticle, which is the most damaged part of the hair, by means of easily absorbed tricopeptides (1%). It vitalizes the root of the hair because of its yeast...

Keratin + Ribonuclease Plus

MOLECULAR CELLULAR RENOVATOR OF THE CAPILLARY CUTICLE. Formulation destined to renew the deepest structures of the capillary stem, deteriorated by the action of inappropriate or aggressive treatments and by nature unfriendly factors as well, placating redness and itchiness on the scalp which are caused by such aggressive treatments. Benefits...
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Protectors and Moisturizers

Dermocapilar Mask

DERMOCAPILAR MASK. Revitalizing dermocapilar mask. Bactericidal and germicide, natural  and vitamin complex composed of essential amino acids and vitamins. It is certainly the most important of those formulated so far until today, for its double function: revitalizing hair action + purifying scalp action as a capilary peeling. For all types of hair....
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