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Protectors and Moisturizers

Final touch

ECOLOGICAL FIXER Ecological vaporizer is formulated especially with assets that ensure a flexible and reinforced hair during and after the technical works. For all types of hair. Benefits It provides a magnificient body and volumen to the hair. It fixes bringing flexibility. It doesn’t leave residue. How to use Apply directly on dry hair....
Skin Moisturizing Line

Total cream by Simone

TOTAL PROTECT. Cream specially formulated to maintain the delicate balance of skin, leaving a thin film on the skin, making it look extraordinarily smooth and with avery soft touch. It protects the skin from many substances and even climatic conditions, which can seriously damage our epidermal layer. Benefits It recovers and preserves the softness...
Protectors and Moisturizers

Triple action scalp's relaxing

CAPILLARY CONDITIONER WITH RELAXING EFFECT. Specific preparation for conditioning hair after it has been washed. It has a triple effect: it gives hair its shine and silkiness. It repairs the capillary cuticle, which is the most damaged part of the hair, by means of easily absorbed tricopeptides (1%). It vitalizes the root of the hair because of its yeast...

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