Capyllary Balsam.


Effective molecular regenerator of hair fiber of those hairs affected by chemical agents (discolorations, permed hair, etc.) and also external means like sun, salty water and pollution; the results are split ends, rough hairs, electrified and porous hairs. For all types of hair.


  • Effective molecular regenerator of capillary fiber.
  • It repairs hairs attacked by external means (Sun, chlorine, salty water, etc.) as well as the chemical agents (straightening, permed hair, discolorations, etc.).
  • It regenerates the crstinicomolecular union in permed or dyed hairs.
  • It restores the open end tips. It provides thickness, volume and shine to the hair.

How to use

Apply after washing throughout the hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. In dyed hairs and permed hairs apply twice a week. Especially recommended for before, during and after solar baths, protecting hair as a mask during sun exposure.


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