Areata alopecia

Areata Alopecia is a fairly common form of hair loss, approximately 1% of the general population will develop this problem at some point in their life.

Areata alopecia are produced mostly by nervous factors: stress, depression, anxiety...

To a lesser degree by viral problems or oral infections, which can be infections of the mucous membranes or caries, also due to thyroid problems and traumatic shock, usually derives in a universal alopecia.

Main causes:

Nervous Factors: Stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Hormonal problems: Imbalances in the thyroid that normally result in a alopecia universalis.

Virus Processes: Buccal mucosal infections or caries, which is reflected in alopecia plaques.

Areata alopecia Treatment of Fall

Weekly Peeling

Dermocapilar Mask (Ref. 28/58/219) + Herby Forte (Ref. 3/25)


Placent Shampoo (Ref. 8/108) + Royal Jelly Shampoo (Ref. 35/215) and alternate with Oxygen+ADN Shampoo (Ref. 214/221)


Wontersil Fresh Cells (Ref. 55B/115) and alternate with Wontersil Science 6 (Ref. 40/40B). Apply in the area morning and night for 90 days.


D.N.A + Polen + Tricopeptids (Ref. 61/66)

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Anti-hair loss Line

Placent Shampoo

SHAMPOO CONDITIONER HAIR LOSS TREATMENT. This solution has the proteins of the fresh placenta, vegetable origin, and it is indicated to use in combination with our Wontersil Fresh Cells and DNA + Pollen products, which are great hair restorers. Benefits It eradicate hair loss It gives strength to the hair It provides thickness that gives that...
Anti-hair loss Line

Royal Jelly Shampoo

HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO. CAPILLARY TISSUE REGENERATOR. Shampoo compound with a nourishing, regenerative and vivifying properties that define the royal jelly, its main compound. Soft scarcely detergent emulsion. For all kind of hair. Benefits Regenerator action of the capillary tissue Anti hair loss action It provides silkiness to hair Softer hair and...
Anti-hair loss Line

Oxygen + DNA Shampoo

ACTIVE STIMULANT SHAMPOO. DERMO CELLULAR OXYGENATOR. Anti hair loss teatment indicated for alopecias and hair loss of severe character, where there is an evident lack of oxygen in the bulbous cells. It provdes an injection of life to the hair since the root to de top. Benefits It eradicates hair loss It gives strength to the hair It conditions and...
Anti-hair loss Line

Wontersil fresh cells

BIO-CAPILLARY TREATMENT WITH FRESH CELLS. Indicated for hair loss and alopecia whose origin are the cellular aging and cellullar malformation in the papilla and hair matrix, is in the case of androgenic alopecia or commonly hippocratic alopecia. It is a iminopeptide complex proceeding of embryonic tissue prepared as skills enzymatics and of molecular...
Anti-hair loss Line

Wontersil Science 6

COMPLETE TREATMENT THE CAPILLARY HAIR LOSS. Hair growth empowerer, complete capillary anti-hair loss and regenerative treatment acts on a minium predisposition of capillary life. Its penetration is more intense because of the added revitalizers which acts on the whole area of the root, including the hair’s erection system. Wontersil Science-6, made from...
Anti-dandruff Line

Herby treatment

HERBS CAPILLARY TONIC. GERMICIDE AND BACTERICIDE. Tonic elaborated with a group of specific chosen plants that becomes in a dermic action product, totally natural. Benefits It offers multiple benefits thanks to its concentrated formulation Antidandruff. It reduces quickly the dandruff production acting deeply in the pore. Antiallergic. It removes...
Protectors and Moisturizers

Dermocapilar Mask

DERMOCAPILAR MASK. Revitalizing dermocapilar mask. Bactericidal and germicide, natural  and vitamin complex composed of essential amino acids and vitamins. It is certainly the most important of those formulated so far until today, for its double function: revitalizing hair action + purifying scalp action as a capilary peeling. For all types of hair....
Anti-Grease Line

DNA + Pollen + Tricopeptides + 8 vitamins &...

ABSOLUTE HAIR LOSS TREATMENT FOR GREASE HAIR PROBLEM. DNA: Genetic activator/life factor. It helps to maintain the total functionality of hair follicle, avoiding mistakes in the proteins formation. VITAMINS: Vitamin complex formed by vitamins B2, B6, B12, H, A (retinols), E. Panthotenol and Inositol exert an important revitalizing action over hair...

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