Greasy dandruff (Pityriasis Esteatoide)

The excess of secretion of fat and the presence of a yeast (Pityrosporum ovale) in the scalp, they come to produce a yellow-golden spot very attached and hardly desquamate that causes, in addition, inflammation, redness and itching.

We have to take into account that the edges of the spot are very delimited, something that will help us to distinguish Pityriasis Esteatoide from Dermatitis.

The causes, as in the previous process, are diverse: alterations of the nervous system, abnormal percentage of Pityrosporum ovale, immunologic alterations, inadequate diets of food, sebaceous hypersecretion, very high water temperature and inadequate shampoos.

Main causes:

Nervous factors: stress, depression, anxiety.

Eating disorders: excess of fat.

Baths with really warm water and the use of inadequate shampoos.

Treatment of the greasy dandruff

Weekly peeling with dry hair

Dermocapilar Mask (Ref. 28/58/219) + Lotion 12 Herbs Forte (Ref. 46B/70)


Dixidox Shampoo (Ref. 142) alternating with Anti-Grease Shampoo (Ref. 17/42) and Royal Jelly Shampoo (Ref. 35/215)


Wontersil Dixidox (Ref. 105). Apply it every day


Tricopeptides + Placenta Shock (Ref. 6). Apply it 3 times a week

In this page we offer you a generic orientation, but our recommendation is that you go to a professional salon to request more information or that you fill in the online capillary test

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Dixidox Shampoo

CAPILLARY SCIENTIFIC BATH. UNIVERSAL TREATMENT. Malfunctions of the bulb and capillary fiber. Indicated for problems of hair loss, dry and grease dandruff, seborrhoea. The cinc trace element, makes of this shampoo an appropriate treatment for all kind of hairs, this way, it acts in hairs with grease problems as well in all dandruff problems or in all...
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Wontersil Dixidox

20 DAYS SHOCK TREATMENT. Wontersil Dixidox with Aminopyrimidone is formulated with the most advanced technical, based on the epidermofolicule-sebaceous unit, that makes possible the appearance of new germinate cells. The dixidox molecule with Aminopyrimidone excites the production of new cells from the protuberance, producing a normalization in the hair...
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Tricopeptides + Placenta

SHOCK TREATMENT. Absolute hair loss treatment for any process produced by grease problems. Seboregulating process recommended in seborrhea problems with fall, based on its trichogen (tricopeptides) and vitamins B and E composition. Benefits It eradicates hair loss. It nourishes from the bulb to the end. It brings vigor and volume. It promotes the...
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Dermocapilar Mask

DERMOCAPILAR MASK. Revitalizing dermocapilar mask. Bactericidal and germicide, natural  and vitamin complex composed of essential amino acids and vitamins. It is certainly the most important of those formulated so far until today, for its double function: revitalizing hair action + purifying scalp action as a capilary peeling. For all types of hair....
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12 Herbs Forte

VEGETABLE LOTION. TOTAL ELIMINATION OF SEBORRHEA AND GREASE DANDRUFF. The well-known difficulty of treating the chronic seborrhea and grease dandruff by different causes and complicated geneses, are resolved with this vegetable lotion that, to its incredible results, adds an absolute compatibility with all kind of treatments, so it does not produce...
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