Wontersil Dixidox.


Wontersil Dixidox with Aminopyrimidone is formulated with the most advanced technical, based on the epidermofolicule-sebaceous unit, that makes possible the appearance of new germinate cells. The dixidox molecule with Aminopyrimidone excites the production of new cells from the protuberance, producing a normalization in the hair production and probable repopulation when there is a minimal possibility to recover it in apparently definitive hair loss.


  • It removes the hair loss
  • It facilitates capillary regrowth
  • It regenerates the hair follicles

How to use

Shock treatment 20 days: apply all days, in the morning, after washing the head and towel-dried hair or dry hair, apply the tonic directly on the scalp with a gentle massage. 

Maintenance: three applications a week for two months. 

Depending on the hair problem, the number of applications may vary.


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