Greasy hair with fall

Usually the seborrhea is felt on the skin and in the hair when the follicular sack is full.

An excess of internal grease in the scalp causes the accumulation of sebum in the bulb and this can kill the root, generating an accused loss of hair.

Main causes:

Nervous and emotional factors: alterations of the nervous system.

Nutrition factors: disorderly and unbalanced diet.

Hormonal factors: Hypothyroidism

Baths with really warm water and the use of inadequate shampoos.

Treatment of the greasy hair fall

Weekly peeling

Dermocapilar Mask (Ref. 28/58/219) + 12 Herbs Forte (Ref. 46B/70)


Royal Jelly Shampoo (Ref. 35/215) alternating with Dixidox Shampoo (Ref. 142)


DNA+Pollen+Tricopeptides (Ref.61/66). Apply it on alternate days with a gentle massage, not to stimulate the sebaceous glands.

In this page we offer you a generic orientation, but our recommendation is that you go to a professional salon to request more information or that you fill in the online capillary test

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