Signed By Simone
Signed By Simone
Signed By Simone Signed By Simone

Line protective, moisturizing and treating the stem

Each hair has its own characteristics that may be changing body by different factors: age, moods (stress, depression, etc..), pregnancies ... To those who also join external factors such as sun, wind, water and so on., which together with environmental pollution we suffer tend to weaken the hair causing dryness, split ends, hair loss over or dullness. If these external environmental factors add chemical processes to which the hair is subjected to the application of dyes, permanents, bleaching, excessive heat in the drying etc.. We face constant attack from various factors that often can not avoid suffering, but we can protect ourselves against them, taking steps to make our hair fibers doesn't lose its vitality, determining the health and beauty of our hair.

Signed By Simone presents a wide range of products developed to protect and moisturize the hair against external agents that threaten it. Restructuring treatments Signed By Simone are indicated to protect and recovery processes of damaged hair by factors contributing properties that allow stimulate and strengthen the hair and its root.

45.01 €
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