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Capillary recruitment studies

Dandruff and Pityriasis are the same thing, the first question that should be very clear. Skin is being natural and gradually regenerated from the inside to the outside of the epidermis by a natural process and shows a flake-cornified dead - renewing cells. We refer to a normal process of cell regeneration. Excessive flaking or dandruff causes tinea. Pityriasis esteatoide or oily dandruff flakes will be established by observing attached to the scalp. Tallow has caked and even the also grouped into scabs.


The sebum, sebaceous gland secretion constitutes most of what we will call peripheral lipid mantle. That is, the protective fatty mantle has our skin and protects us from external pathogens. When the sebaceous gland produces excess sebum flow must be established that this hypersecretion is seborrhea.

Seborrhea is a difficult problem and causes more than 80% of alopecia.


The alopecia may comes given by internal or external factors in the person.

Although there are several types of alopecia , there are three main groups which can include : areata , diffuses and androgenetic.

Areata or bare boards are a fairly common form of hair loss. Are produced mostly by nervous factors (stress, depression, anxiety, etc..), And to a lesser extent viral processes , mouth infections that can be mucosal infections or cavities and thyroid problems .

DIFFUSES, is a type of fall difficult to detect in a short space of time, we could say that the amount of hair loss exceeds the amount of hair that is born or born less than those who falls. In any case, when detected, is when hair loss is more than evident.

ANDROGENETIC , alopecia sufferers by 85% of men.

An hormone (testosterone T) , with an enzyme ( 5alfareductasa ), leads to a hormone (DHT ) very damaging to the hair that causes inflammation of the sebaceous glands and progressive miniaturization of the bulbs with atrophy of the papilla in each growth cycle to stop the inevitable scarring of hair follicle completely preventing any hair regeneration.

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