Signed By Simone
Signed By Simone
Signed By Simone Signed By Simone

Natural Anti-Grease 12 Herbs. Blister

Price: 21.71 €
Ref:   70

Shock Treatment anti-fat, total elimination Fat Seborrhea and Dandruff. 12 Herbs Forte is a lotion that completely eradicates seborrhea and greasy dandruff (Pityriasis Esteatoide). A spectacular results, adds full compatibility with all types of treatments, so it does not cause allergies of any kind.

How to use: Apply 3 times per week, mornings only, massaging the scalp thoroughly with fingertips from left to right in a circular fashion. Usually the first week of applying the desired result is obtained. We recommend completing treatment with Cream Anti-Grease Shampoo (references 17 and 42).

Tip: For maximum effectiveness of treatment can also be applied as a mask: Mix in a bowl Dermo-capillary Mask (References 28 and 219) with 12 Herbs Forte, apply directly to the scalp (as if applying a dye) and let on for 20 minutes, then wash hair. Perform a weekly dirty head.

Format: Box of 10 blisters. 10 ml.


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